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My hats:

I design and make small ranges of ready-to-wear hats as well as one-off pieces. like traditional hat making techniques where the hat is formed over locks, mine are mainly constructed from flat materials.

Working with the material rather than against it; I use fabrics, ribbons or cords made from cotton, silk, wool, sinamay, plastic, fake fur and woven steel thread.

I attempt to design hats that are extravagant but wearable. A hat is not aesthetically independent of the face but also complimentary.

Together, hat and person can blossom.

My Costumes:

In the last years I have been designing costumes for the Shakespeare Festival at the Rosenburg Castle in Austria.

This opportunity has offered me the creative freedom to explore my interests in the history of clothes within the context of theatrical fantasy.



Born in Salzgitter, Lower-Saxonia, Germany

1982-1992, Study of History/Art History/German literature in Berlin; dissertation: Fashion in the Third Reich.

1992-1995, Self employed designer, Member Applied Art Association of Berlin, exhibited (AKBB, since 2004).

1996-2001, Exhibited at the Frankfurt Fair AMBIENTE and TENDENCE.
(Selected for merit in 96, 97, 98 and 99)

1996: exhibited at various craft fairs in
Berlin, Bochum, Hamburg, Hannover, Kassel, Kopenhagen, Potsdam, Stuttgart, Weyern, München, Rotterdam

1998, 2000, 2002, 2003:
Exhibited at GRASSI MESSE, Leipzig

2003: Workshop in London.

since 2004:
Costume design for the Shakespeare Festval on the Rosenburg, Austria,

(see Shakespeare auf der Rosenburg ).

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